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Cody LaRosa


Cody LaRosa is an accomplished videographer and holds a Bachelor’s of Arts and Sciences from Kent State University.  


Through his education, Cody has had the opportunity of working in the many different facets of film with a multitude of local companies including Summit Radio Station and the Akron Art Museum. Cody takes pride in the fact that he is self taught in most creative aspects of his work, allowing him to create with the client as opposed to for them. 


In addition to his marketing work with clients, he’s also known for his cinematic wedding day videos, capturing the special moments that will be remembered for years to come.  Cody’s work in the wedding industry is unmatched and he is thrilled to continue this work with CODA.  


Cody is also a Certified Part 107 Unmanned Aircraft Pilot (drone).  His videography work with his drone allows him to capture incredible moments for his clients; and he’s only crashed it once.

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